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Deptinagar, NTPC Kahalgaon, Bhagalpur-813214,Bihar
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CLASSES: Sr. Secondary


(Other than English/ Hindi)
: English, Hindi




DAV Public School, Deeptinagar, NTPC, Kahalgaon was born from the womb of DAV Organization in 1992 against the pastoral backdrop of Deeptinagar- ‘The Township of NTPC, Kahalgaon’. Being one of the 800 (approx) wings of DAV catering the essence of Vedic Education to the common people of the country through its Anglican Approach all over the country and abroad, the Institution is fortunate to have the privilege to be founded in the place that has a Unique Identity of its own a confluence of Religious Fervour, Rich heritage of Intellectual Academic Excellence and a Confident Application of Technological Know-how. The seeds of serene spiritual awakening inherited through its birth from the philosophy of Swami Dayanand strengthened by Unparallel Committed Charisma of Mahatma Narayan Das Grover, the then Regional Director, Patna Zone, gave an Ideal Environment to flourish in the place the name of which is believed to owe to the Sublime Austerity of Rishi KAHOL amidst the existence of a number of places of worship with the Hill Temple of BatheshwerNath and Mazar of Mahmood Sah being virtually the places of Peace and Tranquility. Simultaneously, the Vikramshila Museum in the excavated ruins of The Great Citadel of Learning of Pala Dynasty of 8th Century that had witnessed the Zenith of World Renowned Intellectual Academic Pursuit acts as a constant reminder of the responsibility to be shouldered and carried forward as the Legacy of Excellence in changing forms making it relevant in changing time protecting the sanctity of its ethos. Again, the very immediate cause of the existence of the School, the Gigantic Super Thermal Power Project of NTPC Limited, a manifestation of indomitable human courage and accomplishment through its nature of exploration into the power of Mother Earth has become a perennial source of inspiration making it dare to scale that height of Human Endeavour defeating the dark forces that crop up time to time on the way of moving ahead whether it be the Question of Scholastic, Co-scholastic or any Philanthropic Mission. Thus, with the lesson of keeping smiling faces in depressed situations being courageous to work hard with the experience of failures and being rejuvenated by glories bestowing a feeling of accomplishment and sense of pride, over the years, under the affectionate patronage of the NTPC Project, Kahalgaom, DAV CMC, New Delhi and the then Regional Directorate, Patna Zone, Bihar Zone- II and presently Bhagalpur Zone, the Institution evolved into the stature of present day with the responsibility of more than 1900 children the rhythmic movement of whom is the soul of its very existence.

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