One Million Hockey Legs

One Million Hockey Legs (1MHL)

One Million Hockey Legs is a Dutch - Indian project initiated by the Dutch and Indian Government by signing a Memorandum of Understanding concerning sports development. Hockey is the sport that binds both countries. Both nations have a great history of hockey, Although India has won the most Olympic golds overall the Netherlands are comfortably at the top in both male and female hockey over the last decades.

The fact that the Netherlands have over taken the amount of registered hockey players of the previous record holder, India, not only shows the popularity of hockey in the Netherlands but also the decrease of grassroots hockey in India.

The base of the project is the One Million Hockey Legs Festival that will be held during the 2018 FIH Hockey World Cup in India. The goal is to celebrate hockey with more than 500.000 children all over India. This is to give the 'national sport' in India the power and attention it deserves.

To make One Million Hockey Legs a lasting project, it will be based on three sustainable pillars; Social Projects, Hockey Projects and Business Projects. These three components will go hand in hand in all of our programs. We strongly believe that they will benefit each other in the long run.

The hockey projects are set up to increase the quality and quantity of hockey players and coaches. Coach-the-coach and sport management courses, training sessions, hockey promotion, as well as supporting existing and new born grassroots hockey academies and leagues.

In the social projects the focus will on development of children, like street kids, children at government schools and orphanages. Special hockey programs are developed to teach children life skills, such as teamwork and leadership but also workshops regarding nutrition, sanitation and special girl programs will be added.

For business projects, India can be a country with unprecedented capabilities. To give some numbers; population 1,2 billion, 500 million smartphones, world second largest pool of scientists and engineers and an economic growth of 7,5%. Whilst hockey remains very popular and India is very keen on sport personalities like we have noticed Floris Jan Bovelander, the One Million Hockey Legs project can open doors that might not have been opened or found before. We can link and we can promote your business. Therefore, network events in both countries will be organized.

One Million Hockey Legs is a program that will work in close cooperation with local organizations, association and NGO's, like the national, state and local hockey associations and academies. Of course with our mentor NGO, One Thousand Hockey Legs.

Help us to develop Indian children, business and hockey. Join our programs or even better join us at the One Million Hockey Legs Festival at the 2018 FIH Hockey World Cup.