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Vivek Jain
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In order to furnish first hand information to Parents seeking admission for their children, we take great pleasure in presenting this website as comprehensive guide.

This effort is being made to benefit the Schools as well as the Parents. Our aim is to provide help towards meeting the need of Parents eager to get their children admitted to the best available Schools, possibly, near their home. Our website covers needed information about the School which will help Parents in saving their valuable time and money, searching for a desirable School. This will also help the Schools disseminate information about themselves to attract more talented children.

This website gives comprehensive information about the schools and the facilities provided by them. Special efforts have been invested to present you with the most up-to-date data of Schools in India. We have detailed maximum number of Schools with regard to Public Schools and Play Schools with or without Day Boarding and Hostel facilities. Information has been divided into various zones/regions. Alternatively, inforamation can also be sought using Search Keyword option.

We look forward to your feedback; do let us know what you liked, and what else you would like to be added to the website subsequently.