Heritage Girls School, Udaipur

Heritage Girls School, Udaipur opens its doors for boarders, with all necessary precautions

Heritage Girls School, Udaipur is all geared up and prepared to welcome the students on campus from 15th September 2021. Heritage students did really well, both in academics and co-curriculars even during the online education period, with regular classes and workshops being held by the school in various fields like career development, communication skills and critical thinking.

All required arrangements at the school have been made, keeping the Covid-19 related precautions in mind. The school has formulated a schedule with staggered activities. All teachers and students are required to attend school with a RT PCR test and final vaccination is also required for teachers. The infirmary is fully equipped for all health & hygiene check-ups.

Activities which involve gatherings will be avoided. Students and teachers have been instructed to wear N95 masks at all times, along with sanitizing their hands regularly.
Daily yoga exercises and breathing practices shall be organized class wise to keep our children fit. Nutritious diet along with multivitamins/kadha and natural energy drinks would be provided to children in order to keep their immune system strong.

The school has been thoroughly sanitized.