19th International Child Art Exhibition 2017

19th International Child Art Exhibition-2017 (Open Topic)

In the series of conducting artistic programmes, Kshitij has organized 7 National & 18 International Child Art Exhibitions up till 2016. A Staggering figure of 135112 participants from all over the world has esteemed the exhibitions organized by Kshitij & every year about 7000 participants increase the participants' tally.

Art sees no limitations, it crosses all bars of caste, creed & culture to create diversity in unity. Art harmonious various cultures into one bonding & Kshitij is just a tool to do that. As the management of Kshitij we wish to create a diversified, modular, self-propelled interminable environment for upliftment & promotion of art & literature. We are determined to convert this ideate into reality through interpolation of our directive efforts & your continuous will to contribute towards it success for which we invite all of you to participate.

We hope for a wonderful response from young upcoming artists & people from all sections of the globe to participate & promote the efforts of Kshitij. The last date for participation for Exhibition is 30th September 2017.

You are requested to please send your e-mail address & Cell (Mobile) No. to us at narendermehta@yahoo.co.in or sms at 9891128642, as it would facilitate easier & faster communication about all our latest developments to you.